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Be Informed:Lost Child

If your child is missing or you are worried your child may go missing, please refer to How can we help you? for information on indicators of risk, prevention, and immediate steps.

Situations where a child is considered lost involve a child under the age of 18 who has wandered away from a parent or guardian and cannot be located. In these cases, there is no information or evidence to suggest an abduction.

Children are typically full of energy, quick-minded, and curious; they like to hide and are easily distracted. While it is natural for children to behave in this way, it can also contribute to a child becoming lost. Children can also easily become separated from their parent/caregiver at large events and in crowded spaces. Attempting to find their parent/caregiver can then result in them becoming further separated from their parent/guardian.

There are things parents and caregivers can do to help reduce the likelihood of their child becoming lost, as well as things they can do to help ensure they are found quickly and safely if they do. For more information, please refer to our Lost Child section.